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​The Tribunal provides maps on a national, state, territory and regional level.

With the exception of the Commonwealth Coat of Arms and where otherwise noted, the maps available on this page are licensed under a  Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

Creative Commons License

If you reproduce a map in a report or publication, please acknowledge the NNTT as follows:

"Map reproduced with the kind permission of the National Native Title Tribunal".

Maps for presentations

The NNTT produces a series of national maps suitable for presentations which can be download as a single PowerPoint file. Included in this series are the following native title themed maps: 
  • Native title claimant applications.
  • Native title claimant applications by registration status.
  • Native title determinations and claimant applications.
  • Native title compensation applications.
  • Native title determinations.
  • Native title determined outcomes.
  • Native title determinations and prescribed bodies corporate.
  • Native title determined by consent or litigated.
  • Indigenous land use agreements.
  • Indigenous estate and determination where native title exists.
  • Northern and Southern Australia (Indigenous estate and determination where native title exists).
  • Northern Australia (Indigenous estate, determination where native title exists and native title claimant applications).

Maps for printing

The NNTT also provides more detailed maps on a national, state, territory and regional level.

Select from the options below to download a map: 

National maps

The Tribunal's national maps provide a national perspective of native title matters across a range of themes.
NTDA Schedule

This A4 map depicts the boundaries of claimant applications as filed with the Federal Court.

Where the boundary of an application has been amended in the Federal Court but not yet considered for registration, this map shows the amended boundary.

The applications shown on the map include:
  • registered applications (that have complied with the registration test);
  • amended applications (where the registration test is being applied);
  • unregistered applications (that have not been accepted for registration).

Download map (pdf)
Download map (jpg)
Registered Claims

This A4 map depicts the boundaries of claimant applications that have been entered onto the Register of Native Title Claims (RNTC).

Claimants with registered claims have the right to negotiate about some proposed developments over land and waters covered by their claim.

Download map (pdf)
Download map (jpg)
Determinations of Native Title

This A4 map depicts the external boundaries of determinations of native tile. Where only part of an application has been determined, the map shows only that part.

Within these determinations, native title will have been found to exist, been extinguished, or a combination of both.

Draft, proposed and/or conditional determinations and determinations 'subject to appeal' are also noted.

Download map (pdf)
Download map (jpg)
Prescribed Bodies Corporate

This A4 map shows determined areas with:
  • PBCs in place
  • PBCs yet to be established

Download map (pdf)
Download map (jpg)
Claims and Determinations

This A0 size map depicts claimant applications as per the NTDA Schedule (as filed in the Federal Court) and determinations of native title, as per the National Native Title Register.

Federal Court reference numbers are used.

Download A0 map (pdf)
Download A3 map (pdf)
Download A3 map (jpg)
Indigenous Land Use Agreements

This A4 map depicts the external boundaries of registered ILUAs and those of ILUAs in notification but not yet registered. It also indicates the type of agreement.

The map does not show ILUAs that have been lodged but not yet notified, as this is not public information. Tables of ILUAs are also provided, detailing Registered Area, Registered Body Corporate and Notified Agreements not yet registered.

Download map (pdf)
Download map (jpg)
Representative Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Body areas

This A4 map depicts Representative Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander Body (RATSIB) areas together with the recognised organisation as determined in the Native Title Act 1993 (Cwlth).

Download map (pdf)
Download map (jpg)
This A1 size map depicts determinations of native title as per the National Native Title Register, and indigenous land areas granted under jurisdictional land grant instruments.

Download map (pdf)

State/Territory maps

The Tribunal's state and territory maps depict the boundaries of claimant applications as they have been recognised by the Federal Court process within each State and Territory.
New South Wales / ACT

Download map (pdf)
Northern Territory

Download map (pdf)
South Australia

Download map (pdf)
Victoria / Tasmania

Download map (pdf)
Western Australia

Download map (pdf)

Regional maps

Cape York Region

Download map (pdf)
Gulf of Carpentaria Region

Download map (pdf)
Northern Queensland Region

Download map (pdf)
Southern and Western Queensland Region

Download map (pdf)
Torres Strait

Download map (pdf)
Central Desert

Download map (pdf)
Northern Northern Territory

Download map (pdf)
Southern Northern Territory

Download map (pdf)