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Spatial data

​Spatial datasets

Users can download spatial datasets from the data downloads page.
These datasets are refreshed on a daily basis and are available in MapInfo TAB,  ESRI shapefile and Google Earth KMZ formats.
The spatial datasets are designed for use in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). KML can be viewed in Google Earth.
The following native title information is available as spatial data (maps):
  • Boundaries of native title claimant applications as per the Register of Native Title Claims.
  • The Schedule of Applications (Federal Court).
  • Determinations of native title.
  • Indigenous land use agreements (on the ILUA Register or in notification).
  • Representative Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Body (RATSIB) areas.
  • Native title determined outcomes.

Unless otherwise noted, all National Native Title Tribunal spatial data available for download is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

Creative Commons License 

Geospatial Corporate Data Model

The Geospatial corporate data model contains a brief data and dictionary definition for each geospatial dataset:

Geospatial data contributes to the maintenance of Registers, by assisting with visualising and searching applications, determinations and agreements which are on the Registers.
Spatial records are held for ‘active’ application/agreement. Once an application/agreement becomes non-active (i.e. dismissed or withdrawn) the record is removed.