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Native TitleVision

Visualising native title matters

Native TitleVision (NTV) is a free online visualisation, mapping and query tool. All that is needed to use NTV is a computer connected to the internet, and a current web browser. NTV puts you in the driver's seat in exploring native title and brings together:
  • a geospatial view of the Registers and databases
  • overlays of administrative regions, non-freehold land parcels and resources tenure.

 Getting Access to NTV

Choose your state or territory of interest by selecting from one of the maps below:

Victoria and Tasmania


 Training and help documents

The NTV Quick Start Guide and NTV Training Workbook are available in PDF format and will help you get up to speed with NTV quickly. You can download the Quick Start Guide and Workbook here:


While the Native Title Registrar (Registrar) has exercised due care in ensuring the accuracy of the information provided, it is provided for general information only and on the understanding that neither the Registrar nor the Commonwealth of Australia is providing professional advice. Appropriate professional advice relevant to your circumstances should be sought rather than relying on the information provided. In addition, you must exercise your own judgment and carefully evaluate the information provided for accuracy, currency, completeness and relevance for the purpose for which it is to be used.
As the interpretation of any particular native title determination area provided is based upon the best information available to the Registrar at the time of creation, any effective analysis must include reference to both the relevant determination of native title made by the Federal Court of Australia and the entry made in relation to that determination on the National Native Title Register maintained by the Registrar.