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ILUA Assistance

Types of assistance

The NNTT can assist in various ways including during the negotiation of an ILUA, preparation of an application or when an application for registration has been lodged.

Negotiation assistance

Persons and organisations wishing to make an ILUA may request assistance in negotiating the agreement. Assistance is provided by a Member of the Tribunal and experienced staff.

Preparing an application

The Registrar can assist parties prepare their application and accompanying material for registration, including:

  • preparing mapping and technical descriptions of the agreement area
  • conducting searches of the NNTT Registers to identify potential native title holders and representative bodies in the agreement area
  • providing information about registration requirements.

The Registrar and delegated staff members can also provide comments on draft agreements and applications for registration to help the parties meet the requirements for ILUA registration. This allows for changes to be made before the agreement is signed by the parties and may prevent delays once the application for registration is made.

Dealing with an objection

If an application for registration of an area agreement has been certified by the relevant representative body, any person who claims to hold native title in the agreement area, can make an objection to registration of the agreement. Parties can ask for assistance in negotiating with the person making the objection, to resolve the matter and have the objection withdrawn.

Making a request for assistance

Any party involved in negotiating or making an application for registration of an agreement can make a request for assistance. When requesting assistance, you should:

  • send your request to
  • specify the type of assistance required
  • include reasons why you have made the request and any other attempts you have made to receive assistance from other organisations.

Download the ILUA factsheet (PDF, 727 KB)​​​​