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Other ways we can assist

​Geospatial analysis and mapping

We provide overlap analysis of mining tenements and native title on request. We consider future act related mapping requests on a case by case basis, taking into account the resources involved in providing the assistance.


We regularly organise training for our stakeholders. If you are interested in attending training please email the NNTT to be added to the notification list. We are also able to deliver training on request, at our offices or your premises.


If you have any future act related questions please contact the NNTT and we will do our best to assist you.

Guide to future act decisions

We maintain and publish a guide to future act decisions made by the Tribunal and the Federal Court. The guide summarises key decisions involving future act determination applications and expedited procedure objections, and identifies key findings and principles arising from these decisions. The guide is regularly updated and intended as a reference for parties to future act matters and other stakeholders. Go to the latest version of the Guide to Future Act Decisions.