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​About Indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUAs)

An ILUA is a voluntary agreement between a native title group and others about the use of land and waters. These agreements allow people to negotiate flexible, pragmatic agreements to suit their particular circumstances.
An ILUA can be:
  • over areas where native title has, or has not yet, been determined; 
  • entered into regardless of whether there is a native title claim over the area or not;
  • part of a native title determination or settled separately from a native title claim.
ILUAs can cover topics such as:
  • native title holders agreeing to a future development;
  • how native title rights coexist with the rights of other people; 
  • access to an area; 
  • extinguishment of native title; 
  • compensation;
  • employment and economic opportunities for native title groups;
  • cultural heritage;
  • mining.
When registered, ILUAs bind all parties and all native title holders to the terms of the agreement.
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