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About Registers & Applications, Determinations & Decisions

Search the NNTT Registers and Databases for native title information

Under Parts 7-10 of the Native Title Act, the Native Title Registrar must keep three registers of native title information:

The NNTT also maintains the following databases:

Register of Native Title Claims

The Register of Native Title Claims contains information about claimant applications that have satisfied the registration test.

National Native Title Register

The National Native Title Register contains information about the determination of claimant, non-claimant, compensation and revised native title determination applications by the Federal Court, High Court, or a recognised body.

Register of Indigenous Land Use Agreements

The Register of Indigenous Land Use Agreements contains information about Indigenous Land Use Agreements made between people who hold or may hold native title in the area and other people, organisations or governments.

Native Title Applications, Registration Decisions and Determinations

The NNTT maintains a Schedule of Native Title Applications which contains current information of all native title determination applications that are provided to the Registrar by the Federal Court, including all claimant applications (whether or not they have passed the registr​ation test), non-claimant applications, compensation applications and revised determination applications. This database contains summaries of the native title determination applications, including the current status of applications, and provides a link to extracts from the Schedule of Native Title Applications.
This database also contains:

  • The Registrar’s written reasons for registration test decisions, known as ‘registration decisions’; and
  • Summaries of all determinations made by the Court of claimant, non-claimant and compensation native title determination applications.

Future Act applications and determinations

This database contains:

All the registers and databases are searchable on this website. Assistance with searches is available by emailing or contacting your nearest NNTT office.

Native Title Vision

All matters that appear on the NNTT Registers and Schedule of Native Title Applications, or are future act determination applications and future act determinations can be viewed on Native Title Vision (NTV). NTV also shows information about historical applications and registered native title bodies corporate, and can assist in identifying any overlapping applications and other information over an area.

Assistance with searching the NNTT Registers and Schedule of Native Title Applications

The Native Title Registrar can assist with searching applications that appear on the NNTT Registers or Schedule of Native Title Applications. To make a request, please complete a search request form.