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Native Title Determination Details

SCD2018/002 - Adnyamathanha, Ngadjuri and Wilyakali Overlap Claim

SAD6001/1998, SAD147/2010, SAD417/2015
Adnyamathanha, Ngadjuri and Wilyakali Overlap Claim
Coulthard v State of South Australia (Adnyamathanha, Ngadjuri and Wilyakali Overlap Claim)
South Australia
Native title exists in parts of the determination area
Greater South Australia
Pastoral Unincorporated Area ,The DC of Orroroo Carrieton ,The DC of Peterborough ,The Flinders Ranges Council
National Native Title Register details
Ngadjuri Adnyamathanha Wilyakali Native Title Aboriginal Corporation

Note: current contact details for the Registered Native Title Body Corporate are available from the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations
In effect - Finalised

Application(s) affected by the determination

Short nameDate filedApplication typeApplication statusNNTT file noFederal Court file no
Adnyamathanha No. 1
See Application details
15/01/1999 ClaimantDeterminedSC1999/001SAD6001/1998
Ngadjuri Nation Native Title Claim
See Application details
12/10/2010 ClaimantDeterminedSC2010/002SAD147/2010
Wilyakali #2
See Application details
25/11/2015 ClaimantDeterminedSC2015/003SAD417/2015