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Application Details

Ngadjuri Nation Native Title Claim (SC2010/002)

Application name Ngadjuri Nation Native Title Claim
Tribunal file no. SC2010/002
Federal Court file no. SAD147/2010
Application type Claimant
Date filed 12/10/2010
State or Territory South Australia
Area description Mid North/Southern Flinders Ranges
Approximate area size (sq km) 11720.3744
Local government area(s) The DC of Orroroo Carrieton, The DC of Peterborough, The Flinders Ranges Council, Pastoral Unincorporated Area
Representative A/TSI body area(s) Greater South Australia
Applicant's representative Camatta Lempens Lawyers
Dates registered on the Register of Native Title Claims Nil
Application status Determined

Registration Decision(s)

Tribunal file no.Decision resultDecision typeDecision dateReason for decisionLink to Register
SC2010/002-1Not AcceptedFull Decision 06/12/2010 pdf


Short nameCase nameDetermination dateDetermination outcomeLegal process
Adnyamathanha, Ngadjuri and Wilyakali Overlap Claim
See Determination details
Coulthard v State of South Australia (Adnyamathanha, Ngadjuri and Wilyakali Overlap Claim) 14/12/2018 Native title exists in parts of the determination areaConsent