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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can apply to have their native title rights recognised under the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth) by filing an application for a determination of native title (a claimant application) in the Federal Court. To find out more about native title claims and the application process, see native title applications page.

Future acts

Proposed activities or developments that may affect native title are classed as ‘future acts’ under the Native Title Act. Examples are the grant of mining leases and exploration licences, and some compulsory acquisitions. For more information, see future acts page.

Indigenous land use agreements

An Indigenous land use agreement (ILUA) is an agreement about the use and management of land and waters. ILUAs can be made between people who hold, or may hold native title in an area, and other people, organisations or governments. For more information see Indigenous land use agreements page.

Non-claimant applications

Non-claimant applications are made by someone who does not claim to have native title to an area, but who either seeks a determination that native title does or does not exist in the area or seeks protection to do things in relation to land, and clearance in terms of native title issues. Non-claimant applications can also be made by governments, including local government sectors. For more information see the native title regulations page on the Federal Court website.


The Federal Court of Australia is responsible for managing native title claims.
The Tribunal provide agreement making services for future act applications, claims referred to mediation by the Federal Court and stand-alone ILUAs. For more information visit the future acts and indigenous land use agreements pages. 


For searches of the Registers and decisions see search applications and Registers.

Geospatial information

To view maps and associated data relating to native title matters, see the Geospatial page.