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Kapi Tjiwarl Compensation Claim (WP2020/005)

Application nameKapi Tjiwarl Compensation Claim
Tribunal file no.WP2020/005
Federal Court file no.WAD269/2020
Application typeCompensation
Date filed26/11/2020
State or TerritoryWestern Australia
Area descriptionCentral Desert
Approximate area size (sq km)6.4729
Local government area(s)Shire of Leonora
Representative A/TSI body area(s)Goldfields
Applicant's representativeCentral Desert Native Title Services Limited
Notification status Notification Complete
Notification date(s) 27/01/2021 to 26/04/2021
Application status Active
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Registration Decision(s)

No Registration Decision for this Native Title Claim


No determinations of native title have been made for this application