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Application Details

Clermont-Belyando Area Native Title Claim (QC2004/006)

Application nameClermont-Belyando Area Native Title Claim
Tribunal file no.QC2004/006
Federal Court file no.QUD25/2019
Application typeClaimant
Date filed27/05/2004
State or TerritoryQueensland
Area descriptionClermont & surrounding areas central Qld
Approximate area size (sq km)30199.6992
Local government area(s)Barcaldine Regional Council, Central Highlands Regional Council, Isaac Regional Council
Representative A/TSI body area(s)Southern and Western Queensland Region
Applicant's representativeQueensland South Native Title Services Ltd
Dates registered on the Register of Native Title Claims Registered from 5/07/2004 to 21/03/2022
Application status Determined

Registration Decision(s)

Tribunal file no.Decision resultDecision typeDecision dateReason for decisionLink to Register
QC2004/006-5AcceptedFull Decision 07/05/2020 pdf
QC2004/006-3AcceptedS190A(6A) Decision 28/07/2016
QC2004/006-2AcceptedFull Decision 24/10/2014 pdf
QC2004/006-1AcceptedFull Decision 05/07/2004 pdf


Short nameCase nameDetermination dateDetermination outcomeLegal process
Clermont-Belyando Area Native Title Claim
See Determination details
Patrick Malone & Ors on behalf of the Clermont-Belyando Area Native Title Claim Group 11/03/2022 Native title does not existLitigated