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Native Title Determination Details

WCD2017/004 - Ngurra Kyanta and Ngurra Kyanta 2 Part B

WAD410/2012, WAD326/2015
Ngurra Kyanta and Ngurra Kyanta 2 Part B
Helicopter Tjungarrayi on behalf of the Ngurra Kyanta People v State of Western Australia (No 3)
Western Australia
Native title exists in the entire determination area
Central Desert, Kimberley
Shire Of East Pilbara, Shire Of Halls Creek
Not Registered

Application(s) affected by the determination

Short nameDate filedApplication typeApplication statusNNTT file noFederal Court file no
Ngurra Kayanta 2
See Application details
30/06/2015 ClaimantActiveWC2015/003WAD326/2015
Ngurra Kayanta
See Application details
21/12/2012 ClaimantActiveWC2012/013WAD410/2012