Upgrade to Tribunal's search pages 


Recent upgrades to the Tribunal’s search pages (including that of the native title applications and determinations and the future act applications and determinations) have resulted in changes to the format of file numbers to identify these cases:

  • The new file numbers incorporate a full year reference (e.g. 2012) followed by a three digit identification number (or four for future act files) with forwarding zeros. For example: WC2012/001 (for native title application) and WO2012/1353 (for future act matter).
  • To conduct a search for any of the files mentioned above, you will need to convert the old file number into the new format. For example, WC12/1 becomes WC2012/001.

If you have any questions or have feedback in regards to these changes, please email enquiries@nntt.gov.au