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Non-ongoing register

​About the non-ongoing register

This information is designed to provide you with details about the Non-ongoing (Temporary) Employment Register, complete with an explanation on how to apply and an insight into the selection process.
The National Native Title Tribunal (NNTT) maintains a register to assist in filling non-ongoing (temporary) employment opportunities. The register is used to allow managers to search for suitable candidates when a vacancy arises.
Positions may be located in any of our offices which are located throughout Australia.
Often these positions are required to be filled at short notice. The positions may be full time, part time or casual. Casual positions can be of an intermittent nature with hours and working days varying as required.
Positions are office based and may be filled at the APS 1 - 6 levels. Positions may become available in a range of disciplines, including, but not limited to:
  • Administrative Assistants within service delivery sections.
  • Executive Assistants within service delivery and corporate areas.

Candidates may be contacted to assess suitability and availability as employment opportunities become available.

Purpose of the non-ongoing register

Non-ongoing is a term used in the Australian Public Service for temporary or short-term employment. The NNTTs non-ongoing employment register has been developed to manage its short-term needs – for example, to replace an administrative employee on leave or to provide additional resources during workload peaks.

Employment periods

This will depend on operational needs at the time, but will range from a minimum of three weeks to a maximum of three months.  In some cases there may be possible extension up to a total of one year.

Classification level of recruitment

This will be for roles at the classification of APS 1 - 6 levels.

Suitability for employment

This will be assessed on the basis of the applicant’s ability to meet the requirements for the role, as well as availability to perform the work when required.

Non-ongoing register duration

Your application will be held for six months. After this time you will need to reapply to remain on the NNTTs non-ongoing register.  

Eligibility for employment with the NNTT

It is a requirement that you must be an Australian citizen or in the process of becoming a citizen.

Recruitment agency employees

Please note – if you are currently on an employment register with a recruitment company you are advised that the NNTT will not be liable for any employment recruitment company fees, charges or costs arising from any Non-ongoing Employment Register applicant accepting non-ongoing employment offered by the NNTT. If you are currently on a recruitment company register it is advisable that you check your obligations to the recruitment company before completing an application form.
Information on conditions of employment will be provided should you be successful in obtaining employment with the NNTT. You will be contacted if you are being considered for any vacancies and an informal interview may be arranged.

How to apply

Please complete the Non-Ongoing Register Application Form and email this along with a copy of your resume to: