Tribunal services 

The Tribunal is an impartial, independent statutory body. Its Mission is to facilitate the achievement of timely and effective outcomes. The Tribunal  is vested with responsibility for carrying out a wide range of functions under the Native Title Act 1993 (Cwlth), including:

  • assisting people at any stage of proceedings under the Native Title Act, including providing assistance in the preparation of applications
  • applying the registration test to native title claimant applications and
  • registering applications that meet all the registration test conditions on the Register of Native Title Claims
  • registering Indigenous land use agreements
  • notifying individuals, organisations, governments and the public of native title applications and Indigenous land use agreements
  • mediating between parties to assist them to reach agreement about certain future acts that might take place on areas where native exists or might exist (for example mining)
  • making arbitral decisions about some future act matters
  • assisting parties to negotiate stand-alone Indigenous land use agreements
  • maintaining the Register of Native Title Claims, the National Native Title Register (the register of determinations of native title) and the Register of Indigenous Land Use Agreements


Under the Native Title Act 1993 (Cwlth), the Tribunal can provide various forms of assistance to help people on a case-by-case basis to prepare applications, or assist them in any stage in matters relating to a native title proceeding. For more information on Tribunal assistance please look at the how to get assistance page.

The Tribunal assists parties by mediating future act cases. More information about the Tribunal’s role in resolving future act applications can be viewed in the Future Acts, Mediation and Arbitration page. 

The Tribunal can also assist people to negotiate stand-alone Indigenous land use agreements. For more information about getting assistance from the Tribunal to negotiate an Indigenous land use agreement, see the negotiating ILUAs page.

For information about native title claims mediation and Indigenous land use agreements negotiations related to native title claims, please refer to the Federal Court of Australia.