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New forms and requirements for parties to future act inquiries


Following recent changes to the Native Title (Tribunal) Regulations 1993, the Tribunal has updated its forms for the following future act applications:

The Tribunal has issued revised instructions for completing these forms, taking into account the new requirements.
The new regulations also require parties to a future act application to give notice to the Tribunal, no later than seven days after being notified of the application, of the following information:

  • a physical or postal address to which documents for the party may be sent
  • the email address (if any) to which documents for the party may be sent
  • the party’s telephone number (if any)

The Tribunal encourages parties to provide an email address and telephone number to ensure they can be contacted regarding the application and for hearings before the Tribunal.

If you have any questions about the changes, please contact​ the Tribunal.​