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Mantjintjarra Ngalia People apply for recognition of native title 


The Mantjintjarra Ngalia people of central Western Australia have applied to the Federal Court of Australia to have their native title rights recognised over two areas of land near Wiluna.

People with an interest in the area have an opportunity to respond to the people’s native title application and take part in any future negotiations to resolve the claim.

The application, Mantjintjarra Ngalia 2, was filed in the Federal Court in December 2006. The application area, about 130km east of Wiluna, comprises two parts which combined cover an area of about 22,930 square kilometres.
The Mantjintjarra Ngalia people also have an application that was filed in 1996 which is adjacent to part of the new claim. This application is still current

The new Mantjintjarra Ngalia 2 application area is at the junction of the Goldfields and Central Desert regions and covers mixed tenures and interests including vacant crown land, pastoral leases and mining tenements.

The National Native Title Tribunal has registered the application, giving the Mantjintjarra Ngalia people some interim rights over the area while their claim is being considered for a determination of native title.

As part of the application process, others with an interest in the application area may now apply to become a party to the Mantjintjarra Ngalia 2 proceedings in the Federal Court.

The Tribunal’s WA state manager Lillian Maher said people had three months, from 17 June to 16 September 2009, to apply to become a party to the proceedings.

“Anyone with a native title interest, or an interest within the claim area that may be affected by a native title determination, may seek to become a party,” Ms Maher said.

To express an interest in the proceedings parties must write to the Registrar of the Federal Court, GPO Box A30, Perth, WA 6837. For more information phone Tribunal case manager Paul Willaway on freecall 1800 640 501.

Deborah Spittle
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