Indigenous group and pastoralists reach indigenous land agreement for first time in South Australia 

Due to constructive negotiations the Yankunytjatjara/Antakirinja People, the lessees of Todmorden pastoral lease and the State Government have just signed South Australia's first pastoral Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA).

Representatives of the groups gathered yesterday at Todmorden cattle station between Oodnadatta and Marla, approximately 900km north-west of Adelaide, to conclude the ILUA that covers the 7,000 sq km station which runs approximately 8,000 cattle.

The ILUA provides the Yankunytjatjara/Antakirinja People with assurance that their cultural sites will be protected and that they will be able to undertake traditional activities on Todmorden pastoral lease. It provides the pastoral lessees with the certainty to continue their pastoral activities.

National Native Title Tribunal Member Mr Bardy McFarlane, who assisted the groups to negotiate the ILUA, said the agreement demonstrated that Indigenous groups and pastoralists in South Australia could sort out how their rights could co-exist by getting together to talk the issues through, rather than approaching the courts.

‘One of the things that pastoralists and Aboriginal peoples have in common is that they take a long term view of their relationship with land,’ he said.

‘If there is one core theme that permeates this agreement it is mutual respect and cooperation. Both parties' rights and interests are recognised and catered for, but not at the expense of the others’. The negotiations have given the groups an opportunity to develop an understanding of each other's interests and to strengthen their existing relationship.

‘This ILUA has established the foundation for further communication and negotiation between the lessees of Todmorden and the Yankunytjattjara/Antakirinja People.

‘I congratulate the groups involved for choosing to discuss their rights over Todmorden pastoral lease and therefore reach an outcome that respects each group's rights and interests.’

Now that the agreement has been signed, it will be lodged with the National Native Title Tribunal for registration.

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