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Spatial datasets

National Native Title Tribunal spatial datasets can be downloaded from Geoscience Australia. Follow the links under 'Free Downloads' and look for the National Native Title Tribunal check box. The datasets are updated monthly on the website in GIS formats MapInfo TAB, ESRI shapefile and KML (Google Earth).

As an additional service, daily updates of national datasets are available directly from the Tribunal. This is the same data that NTV users will see at the beginning of the day. Daily downloads are available in MapInfo TAB and ESRI shapefile formats.

Further information about these datasets can be found in the Geospatial Corporate Data Model section below.

The spatial datasets are designed for use in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) or can be viewed in Google Earth. Four themes of native title spatial data are available nationally:

  • Boundaries of native title claimant applications as per the Register of Native Title Claims
  • The Schedule of Applications (Federal Court)
  • Determinations of native title
  • Indigenous land use agreements (on the ILUA Register or in notification)
  • Representative Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Body (RATSIB) areas


Should you generate products from the data, you must include an acknowledgement of the source, with the following disclaimer:

The Registrar, the National Native Title Tribunal and its staff, members and agents and the Commonwealth (collectively the Commonwealth) accept no liability and give no undertakings guarantees or warranties concerning the accuracy, completeness or fitness for purpose of the information provided. In return for you receiving this information you agree to release and indemnify the Commonwealth and third party data suppliers in respect of all claims, expenses, losses, damages and costs arising directly or indirectly from your use of the information and the use of the information you obtained by any third party.

Tribunal Geospatial Corporate Data Model

The Geospatial corporate data model document contains a brief definition for each geospatial dataset and data dictionary definitions for each dataset:

Custodial geospatial data held by the Tribunal consists of those datasets necessary to contribute to the statutory functions associated with Registers and other information, in support of the Native Title Act 1993 (Cwlth).

Whilst these datasets do not form part of the statutory registers, they enable the visualisation and ability to search on these matters.  Specific custodial datasets, containing both geospatial and aspatial attributes, established and maintained by the Tribunal are listed below: 

  • Schedule of Native Title Applications (as per s. 98A NTA – Other public records and information)
    • Claimant
    • Non-claimant
    • Compensation
  • Registered Native Title Determination Applications (as per s. 185 NTA- Register of Native Title Claims
  • Determinations of Native Title (as per s. 192 NTA – National Native Title Register)
  • Registered & Notified Indigenous Land Use Agreements – (as per s. 24BH(1)(a), s. 24CH and s. 24DI(1)(a)) 

Spatial records are held for each ‘active’ application/agreement.  Once an application/agreement becomes non-active i.e. dismissed, withdrawn; etc, the record is removed.

Where possible, historical/temporal records are also held for each application and agreement, for both archival and temporal analysis operations. Archival snapshots of the above datasets are also completed monthly.