ILUA information and resources 

 Diagram of the ILUA process
Illustrates the stages involved in making an indigenous land use agreement.

 Indigenous land use agreement or the right to negotiate process? A comparison for mineral tenement applications
The Native Title Act allows two ways to deal with applications to mine, explore or prospect. These are through an ILUA or through the right to negotiate process. This booklet explains the difference between the two processes and the Tribunal's role in those processes.

 Steps to an indigenous land use agreement
Provides general information about ILUA registration and the process leading up to registration. It assumes some knowledge about ILUAs and explains the process in stages (‘steps’).

Content ideas for ILUAs

The Tribunal's research section has produced a series of booklets covering content ideas for agreements between native title parties and local governments, miners and pastoralists. Rather than an exhaustive source of information on particular agreements, or what agreements should include, the booklets provide guidance on the important issues parties should canvass during negotiations:

 Agreements, Treaties and Negotiated Settlements (ATNS) database
The Tribunal supports the ATNS database, which is part of a larger Australia Research Council Linkage Project that aims to look at the types of social, cultural and legal rights included in past, present and potential agreements, and treaties made with Indigenous Australians. The ATNS database links together current information, historical detail and published material relating to agreements. The database offers a number of features including:

  • a summary of each entry and a more detailed note where applicable
  • links to related agreements, organisations, signatories and events
  • direct access to published and on-line resources
  • links to full text agreements and sample clauses.