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ILUA Register

As required by the Native Title Act, the Registrar keeps a register known as the Register of Indigenous land use agreements.
Information on the register about an agreement will include:
  • a map and description of the agreement area
  • the name and contact details of the parties
  • the time period during which the agreement will operate
  • certain statements/terms of the agreement (relating to the parties’ consent to future acts or the validation of previous acts done invalidly, the right to negotiate, and the surrender of land and waters intended to extinguish native title).
You can search for details of agreements on the Register of Indigenous Land Use Agreements

Removal of the ILUA from the Register

There are several circumstances in which the Registrar has to remove details of the ILUA from the Register. These are where:
  • there is an approved determination of native title over the ILUA area and certain conditions exist, and the Court has not ordered that the ILUA should remain on the Register
  • a party tells the Registrar in writing that the agreement has expired
  • all parties tell the Registrar in writing that they wish to terminate the agreement
  • the Federal Court orders the Registrar to remove the details of the agreement.