Procedures and guidelines 

The Tribunal produces guidelines and procedures that set out administrative arrangements for the implementation of the Native Title Act. Procedures, guidelines and practice notes of special interest to clients are available below.

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Procedures and guidelines

 How to apply (including forms)
Two types of applications can be made as part of the future act processes; expedited procedure objection applications and future act determination applications.

Right to negotiation scheme

 Procedures under the right to negotiate scheme August 2011
These procedures replace the Procedures under the Right to Negotiate System last issued by the National Native Title Tribunal on 11 November 1997.

Explanatory memorandum - procedures under the right to negotiate scheme February 2002
National Native Title Tribunal review of its Procedures under the Right To Negotiate System - last issued on 20 April 2000 - in relation to expedited procedure objection applications.

Expedited procedure objection applications

 Guidelines on acceptance of expedited procedure objection applications October 2001
Issued to assist objectors to prepare expedited procedure objection applications.

Explanation of guidelines on acceptance of expedited procedure objection applications October 2001
Acceptance of expedited procedure objection applications.

Future act decisions

 Guide to future act decisions 17 April 2012
A summary of future act decisions made by the Tribunal and Federal Court under the right to negotiate provisions of the Native Title Act 1993 (Cwlth). The online version of the guide is updated when necessary to include significant decisions as they are made.

 List of updates to guide to future act decisions 17 April 2012

Mediation conference and enquiry hearings 

 Procedures for conduct of mediation conference and inquiry hearings (including by telephone) March 2007
The Tribunal provides the option for parties to participate in hearings and conferences by telephone.

Assistance guidelines

Please refer to the Assistance Guidelines section of the website.

Practice directions released by the National Native Title Tribunal