Native title determination summary - Martu and Ngurrara 

Short name: Martu and Ngurrara
Case name: James v Western Australia [2002] FCA 1208
State or Territory: Western Australia
Location: 150kms east of Marble Bar
Outcome: Native title exists in the entire determination area
Native title holders: The Martu People and the Ngurrara People
Legal process: Consent determination
Date of determination: 27/09/2002
Date/s of effect: 27/09/2002
Registered on National Native Title Register: Yes
Registered native title body corporate: Western Desert Lands Aboriginal Corporation (Jamukurnu-Yapalikunu) RNTBC

Application(s) affected by the determination

Short name: Martu
Application type: Native title determination application: claimant
Tribunal file no.: WC96/78
Federal Court no.: WAD6110/98
Determination status: Partially determined

Further information about this determination

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