WA - Registration decision - WC10/18-1 Kurrku 

Application Name: Kurrku
Decision: Accepted
Decision Type: Full Decision
Decision Date: 21/01/2011
Tribunal file no: WC10/18-1
Federal Court file no.: WAD385/2010
State or Territory: Western Australia
First Application Date: 09/12/2010

This application has been tested against the conditions listed below:

S190B(2) - Identification of area subject to native title: Met
S190B(3) - Identification of native title claim groups: Met
S190B(4) - Identification of claimed native title: Met
S190B(5) - Factual basis for claimed native title: Met
S190B(6) - Prima facie case: Met
S190B(7) - Physical connection: Met
S190B(8) - No failure to comply with section 61A: Met
S190B(9) - No extinguishment etc of claimed native title: Met
S190C(2) - Information etc required by sections 61 & 62: Met
S190C(3) - No previous overlapping claim groups: Met
S190C(4) - Identity of claimed native title holders: Met

Reasons for this decision:

Download as PDF: WC10/18-1
Download as RTF: WC10/18-1
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